In Chronic Pain?
Fatigued? Tried Everything?

There’s a way out of pain without drug dependence—

Do you suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety IBS, or chronic pain with no seeming cause? Have medical visits and drugs not solved your problem?

Do you want to:

• Let go of pain and symptoms rapidly without drugs

• Have long-lasting results

• Be guided by a mind/body/spirit expert

Have you ever said to yourself:

• “I’ll forever be disabled by this pain and burden and depression.”

• “I’m taking pills all the time. I’m worried about being addicted, and how destructive it is to my body.”

• “I’ve lost touch with people and things that bring me joy and love.”

• “The fog in my mind robs my clarity.”

You deserve an authentic Breakthrough.
Viviane Oberhand will help you get it!

Viviane Oberhand works one-on-one to release the foundations of pain at the true emotional and spiritual origins.

Imagine a lifetime of freedom from the grips of the constant overwhelming pain in your body and emotions.

These are some of the steps Viviane Oberhand will guide you through.

1. Identify the major blockages at the root of your pain.

2. Clear lifelong blockages, which have robbed you of wellbeing and energy.

3. Bring positive force into your life through mind and spirit.

4. Let go of pain, and allow happiness and the body's natural “blueprint of health” to flourish.

Skeptical? Read on...

How Can Viviane Oberhand Do This?

If you are skeptical about rapid relief of severe pain without medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, that's natural. Consider, though, that mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional energy are always part of the cause of wellness or illness.

For many pain conditions, nothing appears in x-rays, blood tests, or MRIs to show a cause. Through a logical method of discovery and release, validated through more than twelve years of practice, Viviane Oberhand guides people to re-discover their own profound inner truths, and use their mental and spiritual energies to bring the body back toward its normal state of wellness.

Often, lifelong trauma is trapped in the mind, body, and spirit, and is the root cause of pain. When people are guided by an expert to let go of pain, and allow happiness in, they to shine brightly, and are free to be who they are truly meant to be.

Who Is Viviane Oberhand?

Viviane is a highly trained certified leader in human potential and the healing arts who has helped hundreds of people just like you.

As a survivor of childhood sexual and emotional abuse, she lived with trauma, felt the pain…and overcome it. Viviane Oberhand says, “I believe that wellness is our divine birthright.”

For more than twelve years, she has repeated proven success in bringing joy and freedom from chronic pain over and over again to her clients—plus the ripple effect of joy to their spouses, children, and loved ones.

End suffering and start living.

Start making plans for your family, yourself, and the future.

Contact Viviane Oberhand for a free consultation

You can be free. Call Viviane today. Introduce yourself, and set your healing journey in action with the expert who will walk with you toward wellness.

Viviane’s schedule is very full, and she’ll do her best to book a conversation with you soon after you contact her using the email from on the upper right of this page. Don’t wait to reach out to her.

By now, don’t you deserve a break...a breakthrough from pain, and to embrace your own life as well as those around you!




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Key Facts

• Viviane Oberhand leads an intensive program designed to help people recover from severe chronic pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue

• 12-year record of rapid sucess and transformation of quality of life

• Locaton: Beverly Hills, California

“I find invariably the cause of those physical symptoms are coming from non-physical causes, from the mind, emotions and spirit being shut down over a long period of time...” Interview with Neil Gumenick, Acupuncturist, M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.,